At J J Ballantine we understand that it is important to encourage good driving behaviour in order that young drivers are safe on the roads. It is also important that young drivers have access to affordable insurance options. They can then build up their experience and have the opportunity to earn their No Claims Discount.

It works out cheaper to buy and insure a car for a younger driver before they pass their test.

We have access to a telematics (black box) based insurance scheme. The black box monitors and provides feedback on driving behaviour, helping the young driver to earn substantial premium discount.

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For any insurance application it is important that care is taken to ensure that all questions asked by the insurer are answered fully and correctly.

Motor insurers have experienced particular issues in relation to applications involving young drivers. This is what the Association of British Insurers have to say on the matter:

“Named drivers should be careful to avoid 'fronting', a form of insurance fraud. 

Fronting is where a parent or older person pretends that they are the main user of a car when a younger person is actually driving it on a regular basis. 

People sometimes do this to try to reduce the cost of premiums as main driver policies tend to be more expensive for young drivers than for older, more experienced motorists. 

If an insurer discovers that a person is guilty of fronting, their policy could be declared invalid and they could be forced to pay any costs that arise as a result of an accident. 

Fronting is illegal, and could lead to criminal convictions for those involved. People found guilty of fronting, or any other type of insurance fraud, will also find it more difficult to buy insurance in the future and their premiums will be more expensive.”
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